Kill Your Dreams

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Every feel like you’re ruining your own life?

I certainly do.

I wish I was an average human that could do anything I wanted to do without being terrified.
I wish I could date someone without constantly worrying that I’m not good enough and that it’s not going to work out as a result.
I wish I didn’t have these ridiculous mood swings that wear me out and turn me against people who care.
I wish I didn’t feel so alienated.
I wish I knew someone who fully understood me.

This week has been the worst for me in a year and I worry that if I don’t get better soon then I’ll be back where I started. I hate the thought that everything I worked for so hard last year was for nothing. It’s like my life is on hold until this is resolved but I can’t stand the thought of not knowing when or if that day will come.

social anxiety:you want to skype someone? hahaha yeah right
social anxiety:you need to make a phone call? nah.
social anxiety:you want to go out with friends? lol nope.
social anxiety:need to ask a stranger something? hahah no.
social anxiety:trying to buy something by yourself? I don't think so.
social anxiety:surrounded by strangers? good luck breathing.
social anxiety:in a group? aww let me make you feel unwanted and sad.

Creative Sculptures by Hedi Xandt

Hedi Xandt imagines impressive sculptures. Mixing styles and materials with talent, the artist invites us to discover his dark and intense universe.

(Source: asylum-art, via aletrouble)

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